Wholesale inkjet photo paper with best quality

If you are looking for wholesale inkjet photo paper for your own printing project or resale, we have several options for you to use. When you buy in bulk, we can reduce the price of the photo paper and keep it at the lowest possible level to ensure that your price is the lowest on the Internet. We are one of the most competitive wholesale photo suppliers in the UK to ensure your prices are as low as possible.

Instead of looking everywhere for a glossy photo paper, when you go to inkjet, you’ll find the best paper printing beautiful pictures and the glossy paper of¬†cheap inkjet photo paper in our range. You won’t be disappointed with our gloss coated paper, which is smooth and provides a great sheen, printing your photos from your inkjet printer.

We have a very good line of wholesale inkjet photo paper from our 6×4 photo paper which is the smallest we are now. We are great at printing photos or creating invitations in your inkjet printer, currently in 180gsm, 230gsm and 260gsm. The next one is A5’s photo paper, more than 6×4 photo paper can be used for flyers, invitations or photo printing also available in 180gsm, 230gsm and 260gsm. Next, the most popular A4 photo paper, the number of plates are 180gsm, 200gsm, 230gsm and 260gsm paper weight. At present, our largest inkjet paper is our A2 photo paper, which is a great poster and an impressive person. The next line is A3 plus paper, extra large A3 paper. A2, A3, A3 and 180gsm are available, 230gsm and 260gsm various scales.

We not only have low price and our glossy paper, we have a great deal of preferential bulk and wholesale procurement. Look at our 4X6 glossy paper, A4, A3 glossy photo paper, remember that the more you buy, the more you save.Quality and cost are two main factors to buy high grade glossy paper. We guarantee that when you buy our glossy cheap inkjet photo paper¬†online, you’ll get a product that goes beyond all your expectations and brings you back to the best quality paper on the market.

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