Wholesale inkjet paper&inkjet photo paper on the market

A lot of wholesale inkjet paper is used to make waterproof documents. We have prepared the following chart to help you decide what is right for you. Remember, the performance of the document depends on four things: 1) the type of paper; 2) the printing process (including ink and toner); 3) your writing tool; and the environment in which your document will be used. In important tasks, we always recommend testing before you go to the field, or spending time / money on an important project.

Our first choice for outdoor printing is a laser printer. Why? Because they add solid particles to wholesale inkjet photo paper and then stay on the paper. Some inkjet printers use dye based inks that can be moved in moisture. No matter what type of printer you use, we always recommend using the minimum amount of ink / toner. The best results are usually to set your printer to “economy”, “draft”, “light”, or another setting to produce the lightest ink / toner application.

The standard ball pen is usually very useful in this paper. However, we strongly recommend using waterproof ink pens. Why buy waterproof paper and take risks with your ink? Soluble ink and gel pen ink can be washed immediately. Before entering the field or starting a project, be sure to test your pen, printer, and wholesale inkjet paper combinations. It’s not the performance of your paper that determines your level of protection – but the combination of your thesis, writing, and print work. Some newspapers accept pencils, which removes worries about ink fading or fading in time or light.

High gloss inkjet paper is a coated paper coated with bright white surface. It is an ideal medium for everyday photo printing.It can be a clear, vivid and high-quality color printed photograph.Our glossy wholesale inkjet photo paper is waterproof, and the ink on it will soon dry out.Supports high resolution to 5760 dpi.This ink jet paper is suitable for all kinds of inkjet printers.

With years of experience, we are able to manufacture and export a wide variety of inkjet printers, laser copiers. These are developed under the supervision of our professionals to ensure smooth surface, color printing and extra snow white. Wholesale inkjet paper provided by our company is suitable for all kinds of digital printers.

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