Wholesale best inkjet photo paper

Inkjet photo paper , optical transparency, shade cloth, flexible banners and various grid, this will be the advantage of fixed color of your, strong extension, excellent absorption, tensile properties, an excellent selection of reliable welding performance and corrosion resistance. We are ready to order any specifications according to your requirements.

Special inkjet photo paper offers bright white and ultra bright colors to render high quality images. Paper drying speed, with waterproof, anti pollution. The 24 pound paper is designed to be used in conjunction with HP Designjet 600650c and 650C / PS printers to produce high-resolution graphics and lasting, clear, black and color line drawings.

The bright white inkjet photo paper has superior bright white shadows, providing brilliant colors and bold text. It is ideal for proposals, presentations, flyers, newsletters, and other color intensive documents. ColorLok technology offers faster drying, pollution resistance, darker black and brighter colors. 24 pounds of paper is designed for inkjet printers.

Magnetic inkjet paper is a perfect combination of high quality waterproof inkjet printing photo paper and ultra-thin flexible magnetic sheet. It is suitable for most metal surfaces and magnetic accepted surfaces.This very thin magnetic inkjet printer has a high retention force that runs through most desktop inkjet printers and does not require special ink. Advanced paper and special inkjet coatings allow the ink to be absorbed immediately to maximize durability and color saturation. In addition to the standard letter size,We also offer a scrolling format for large format printers.

Magnetic inkjet paper is a great project, to maximize your creativity and a great gift for all occasions, has many applications in magnetic inkjet paper making magnetic calendar, their curriculum, refrigerator recipes and decorations, menus, labels, photo frames, greeting cards, educational tools, posters, invitations, remind etc..

Handle inkjet printing as carefully as other photo paper.
Avoid fingerprints on glossy coating before and after printing.
Be careful not to scratch the surface.
Do not use curled, folded or damaged paper.
Avoid exposure to humid (outdoor), high temperature, high humidity and direct sunlight: protect the glass
The color is bright and bright, and the overall light fastness is improved.


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