The best 32 lb of inkjet photo paper

Use these copies and multi-functional paper products to stock your wardrobe, and each paper product is designed to provide high-quality printing in a professional environment. Many of the paper comes with environmental ingredients to ensure safe use and easy recycling. With Domtar, HP, Hammermill and xerox paper products, you can find the best choice for your office equipment and print applications.

Super smooth, ultra-smooth inkjet photo paper is suitable for high volume color application. Designed for all digital printers, color laser printers and color duplicators. Provide a more stable surface for heavy toner applications and gorgeous colors. 99.99% guaranteed not JAM. Ideal for presentation and advice. No acid, file quality. The white shade of the tree. This product is made from a certified management forest. Size: 8 1/2 x 11; Paper color: photo white; Paper weight: 32 LBS. Unit form: 500.

We sell the quality of the full-size light ink-jet photo, as well as many dimensions and perforation die-cutting to meet your inkjet printing requirements. These lightweight 32 lb of inkjet paper are first-rate quality and can be used for quick transport.Quick dry and not smudge, one side is bright white high gloss, the other side is printable matte. Used for graphic design work, advertisements, menus, fine printing, simulation of ups, signs, cover, art printing, DVD covers, CD covers, blu-ray cover, annual reports, photos, artwork, etc.

Our glossy inkjet paper is definitely the top quality in the industry. When using high resolution inkjet printer for printing on glossy inkjet printing paper, your image will be more clear, the color is more clear, and high resolution image will be the real high resolution print on paper. The best results can be obtained by using a dye ink printer rather than a pigment ink printer.

These photocopies and multi-purpose paper products are all in bulk packaging, so they can be extended before reordering. Use full paper to store your supply room, or choose a single order when you want to try a new brand. Each package is securely packed to protect the surface of the cheap inkjet photo paper and prevent bending during storage or transportation.

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