Premium high quality 6 x 4 Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper

Matte inkjet photo paper is very suitable for printing pictures of the quality of photos on the household ink jet printer. The magnification of your favorite image will be like a traditional photo. Microporous design produces unprecedented image persistence and is rapidly drying. For a family print comparable to the photo studio, choose a matte inkjet paper.

Our Premium Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper cut into 6 x 4 inches is a perfect choice for clear, clean, bright photos and prints. Its heavier weight does give it a professional look and feel, and with our special recipe paint, you will get good results. A perfect inkjet photo paper for your best picture.

  • Excellent photo copy.
  • Resist fading.
  • Great release now “stuck” in your phone, camera or computer all photos.
  • Compatible with all inkjet printers, such as Epson, HP, brothers, Canon, etc., using any standard inkjet ink.

This inkjet paper uses kodak exclusive photo and color technology, with high gloss and shine. The paper is dry and waterproof at once. High gloss inkjet paper 280gsm (71lb), this is a good heavy pound paper for printing high quality/resolution photo images. Great way to release your phone, camera or computer “stuck” photos! Faded resistance/soft or low gloss.

Using direct inkjet photo paper inferior smooth picture CARDS, you can make the appearance of the professional greeting card, thank you for your notes, at the invitation of any occasion, with their own personal creative touches, from the comfort of home. Our specially designed CARDS are double-sided sanding, which strongly suggests the design and printing work. Create your own personalized CARDS, notes or invitations, and the only limit is your imagination!

  • Make your own custom CARDS, thank you for your notes, birthday or holiday CARDS, personalized and creative touch.
  • Very detailed printing and design of excellent products.
  • Brilliant photography reappearance.
  • Fade resistance.
  • A good choice of restaurant menus!

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