Notes of inkjet paper


When loading the inkjet paper , try not to touch the printing surface with your fingers . So not bend or fold the inkjet paper.Be careful not to scratch the paper surface when taking the inkjet paper out of or putting it into the packaging.If the inkjet paper is curled , flatten before printing.If the paper feed mechanism does not work properly with multiple sheets of inkjet paper ,feed the paper one sheet at the time.

Printing may be unsatisfactory due to incorrect ink or printing modes . Read the instruction manual of your printer , and adjust the equipment setting accordingly.After printing ,do not touch the printed surface or stack other sheets on it until the inkjet paper is completely dry.Do not attempt to rapidly dry the printed surface with a hair drier or similar equipment.Do not use markers or highlighter pens on the image portion . Such pens may leave prints discolored by water or moisture , and resulting blurring.

Choose inkjet papers level printing parameters, use a blow dryer after printing heating dry ink or dry naturally.Spraying transparent cover coat on the surface pattern.Use hair dryer drying or dry naturally.Cutting(Note: Cut all round,otherwise part of the edge of the cover coat will stick the inkjet paper and it is difficult to demould.)Put it in the water for 30 to 60 seconds to make inkjet paper and transfer printing film separation, sliding pattern (up).Transfer printing design (as the picture 6,slowly pulled bottom inkjet paper, make the transfer printing film cling to the surfaces).After carefully squeegee out the bubble (squeegee out the bubble with a business card after positioning), use the dry cloth or tissue lightly cleaning the surface and the water.Put into the oven, baking temperature 100-120 degrees Celsius, 10 to 15 minutes.

Because the water transfer printing process involving widely many products and materials, different degree of heat resistance, operators need to practice, principle is the highest temperature of object itself which can bear, but the highest temperature should not exceed the packing instructions specified.1. High temperature resistant material such as ceramic baking temperature 100-120 degrees,10 to 15 minutes.Due to metal‘s strong thermal conductivity,100 degrees Celsius baking is ok.Not high temperature resistant like plastic need to bake 50-70 degrees Celsius, for candles, flowers directly to dry.2. The large goods which is not convenient to put in the oven,directly dry it naturally is ok, but it can not meet best adhesion.

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