Manufacturer of inkjet photo paper in China

High quality ┬áresin coated(RC) inkjet photo paper treatment: inkjet photo paper gloss, satin silk / weight: 180gsm, 240gsm, A3, 260gsm size: A4, A6, 4R, A3 +, 24 “, 36”, 42 “x 30m features: Waterproof two sizes, instant drying, 5760dpi application, professional printing photo printing, photo printing, the microporous resin coating inkjet photo paper is the highest quality professional users.

We are manufacturer of inkjet photo paper in China. Our company independently developed, manufactured and sold inkjet media paper products to China’s low price, high quality standards in japan. Our major bulk supplier is the famous MITSUBISHI paper mill, representing the world’s most advanced inkjet coating technology. Since 2001, Colorway China has developed its own inkjet photo paper, spraying and microporous coating technology, and achieved mass production in the same year. Our products meet the same quality standards in japan.

We specialize in providing inkjet paper and high gloss inkjet photo paper and other digital inkjet outputs such as A4, A3, A6, 4R, stationery and volume sizes such as 24, x30m, 36, x30m, 44, x30m, etc.. The characteristics of our products are: high quality, waterproof, instant dry, multi-purpose, high resolution up to 4800 DPI, we are pleased to provide our brand of paper products of mainland and overseas customers OEM production, in China, we have been famous Lenovo and Avery Chinese first printing consumables suppliers.

High gloss, high resolution, print screen, clean and delicate, color rich natural and professional video output.Better anti scratch, waterproof, and provide perfect protection for images,Especially suitable for laminating process.

Notice of use:

  • Applicable to various dyes and pigment ink inkjet printers paper.
  • Support 1440,2880,4800 and 5760DPI other high precision printing.
  • Suitable for printing all kinds of high-grade design images, to achieve professional quality photo quality output.
  • Use the correct selection when printing the surface.
  • Use, do not fold or damage the surface.
  • To ensure print quality, the paper is invited back into the bag and sealed for remaining storage.
  • Avoid heat, humidity, and direct sunlight.
  • To meet your print requirements, select the best test print configuration mode.
  • According to the instructions of various brand printers, adjust the color preference for printing.
  • Avoid fingerprints on paper or hand sweat (avoid splashing or splashing beverages, such as brown water droplets).
  • Do not use highlighter on the print surface. Do not use wet hand contact to avoid fading or discoloration of the image.

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