Low Price Photo Paper for Inkjet Printing

The PVC surface adopts a special prescription, which makes the ink easily to accrete to the vinyl, and the picture will be of dramatic effects!The self  vinyl are of good tractility and high climate endurance, ensuring the vinyl easy to process and on change in shape.The glue is imported advanced solvent glue, with good speading technology, the glue will not fall off or leave any remains when removing. This function ensures high stability of the products.Easy to install, will not fade, chip, crack or peel.Cost-effective and can be cleaned with detergent and water.Enviromental materials: the material of self adhesive vinyl is Non-toxic.

Application:                           Used for high speed sheet paper offset printing and business cycle printing, mainly for magazines, color pictures, product catalogues, show bills, front covers for books, inserts, publicity products, children’s books, annual reports, magazines, high class artwork, appreciation albums, ancient painting and photo magazines, etc.
Product features:
1). Utilizing the latest spray coating and IR control technology, stable quality of the product is achieved;
2). High whiteness and  favorable gloss provides a very comfortable visual experience. The reducibility of printing color is quite favorable;
3). Smooth paper surface and favorable bulk give veritable dots after printing;
4). High gloss and bright color after printing;
5). Favorable stiffness and folding strength, high sheet strength;
6). Excellent surface strength, suitable for high speed  inkjet photo papers printing.

Excellent quality inkjet photo papers;Excellent Paper texture flu;Make true color reproduction of images;Widely used in Photo paper, photography, design companies, digital print shops, high-end executive office, home, etc.Widely used in photo printing. The product of the paper-based photo paper base paper, good strength, for long-term preservation.Up to 5760dpi print accuracy. Tiny text and lines clearly visible.Made of high quality coating and paper-based, with delicate smooth coating and strong adhesion;Excellent waterproof performance. When soaked in water for several hours, it will not be fade and blur.Instant ink and Touch dry technologies used. Ink will not penetrate into the back of the paper.Suitable for sections of color inkjet printers.Suitable for original or compatible dye (Dye) and pigment (Pigment) ink.High stability and No Color distortion.Consistent quality & reputation.All in all, This products can give prefect printing effect with low printing cost.

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