Kodak professional cheap inkjet photo paper on the market

Inkjet paper is the most complex and complex of all digital photographic paper. These inkjet photo papers are optimized for the use of inkjet printers, which use liquid ink, according to the data in a drop of paper on the image file. Although this process applies to all inkjet printers, there are two types of ink: dyes and pigments. Whether the printer USES dye or pigment ink to decide which type of paper to use or not. Most home printers and some storefront inkjet printers are inkjet.

Kodak professional inkjet photo paper, Lustre Finish specially design, print smooth, almost no crimp, smooth and trouble-free printing production, so as to make use of a wider color gamut and improve the latest generation of broad Canon printer ink technology, Epson and hewlett-packard (HP). The next generation of paper has a greater color gamut and higher on3dmax, to ensure that the camera to capture the colour is more accurate, in the shaded area at the same time produce deeper, more rich black, expand the dynamic range and more details.

Kodak professional inkjet photo paper with real photographic resin coating base paper and electronic surface treatment, with “excellent quality of the pulp,” allows you to freely in your studio for printing, and use kodak professional back printed quality back up. Kodak professional inkjet paper with norges, Fuji and epson dry lab printers compatible.

So, one of the properties that everyone knows about inkjet paper is the surface. As most people know, photographic paper has a different surface finish. These surface smoothness is formed by coating the paper with chemicals that are actually bonded to the paper itself.These chemical coatings define the surface finish of the paper, because they determine how the inkjet photo paper absorbs the ink deposited by the photo printer. It is worth mentioning that most inkjet paper brands are painted on one side while the other is coated on the other.

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