HP bright white inkjet paper with excellent quality

LD is coated with a laminar inkjet paper 100 sheets, 8.5 by 11 inches. Excellent office inkjet photo paper. This heavy weight coating matte inkjet paper adopts Instant Dry technology for special design, which can generate high resolution matte finished image. The coating on the paper prevents the ink from seeping, so your prints are always sharp. This LD file is water resistant, protecting your files and graphics for a longer life. Although most other paper is only about 108, LD heavy coated inkjet paper weighs 128 grams. In addition, this matte inkjet paper is generally coated for most inkjet printers in today’s market. Competitor’s best brand name. Heavy weight coating matte professional, crisp, commercial paper and sharp graphics. 100% satisfaction guaranteed.

The final look you print has to do with the inkjet paper you place in the printer. In addition to size, the weight of the paper, the whiteness and the surface will make a noticeable change in the appearance of the color and hue, especially white and black. By carefully selecting the inkjet paper, you can not only copy the images, but also upgrade the prints to more creative parts of photography.

See the bright, obvious differences. Precise and detailed line details. View high impact graphics with a wider range of colors. Using the technology of ColorPRO, HP bright white inkjet paper can provide professional quality and amazing effect. Maintain a brisk pace. HP printing materials are designed with HP ink and printers to provide consistent, high-quality performance. Use the recycled FSC ® certification paper 1 meet the environmental protection objectives of your company and customers. Through reliable, trouble-free HP bright white inkjet paper, optimize daily printing. A variety of options, including metric sizes, will reduce the steps of the workflow, thereby increasing productivity and reducing printing costs.

Our excellent large format inkjet paper, including all kinds of high quality inkjet paper, can be applied to various applications, including technical drawings, maps, renderings, presentations, simple indoor poster and signboards. The coating on our advanced ink-jet paper can handle heavy ink loads associated with printed drawings and documents containing a small amount of color graphics and images.

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