High Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper,inkjet printer printing

High Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper is suitable for all dye inkjet printer printing.Bright snow white, smooth feed in alll printer, water resistant and instant dry.Widely used for posters, portraits, photo print, photo albums, manu cards, greeting cards and post cards, ect. Free sample for printing test is available.Custom other Photo papers  ,welcome to contact us!We will offer factory price for you.11  years manufacturing and exporting business experience of inkjet photo paper.Stable quality and Competitive prices.
Light A3 t-shirt transfer paper can be used to ordinary color inkjet printers, and it is applicable to common water-based ink (Pigment ink recommended). After processes of printing and heat transfer, images can be transfer to cotton fabrics, thus you can produce various distinctive products like personal T-shirts, singlets, advertising shirt, sportswears. hats bags, pillows, cushions, mouse pads, handkerchiefs, gauze masks, home decorations. The pattern transferred on the products are of high quality and characterized as colorful, breathable, soft and bearing superior color fastness to washing.
This product can be used for all color inkjet photo paper printers,and is applicable to common water-based ink.After printing and heat transfer,image can be transferred to dark-colored cotton textiles.Thus,you can produce various products such as distinctive personal T-shirts,singlet,advertising shorts,sportswear,hats,bags,pillows,cushions,moses pads,handkerchiefs,gauze marks,home decorations,and so on.The pattern transferred onto the products are of high quality,and are sharp,detailed,colorful,and has a good fastness to washing.


1. Mirror Printing:
1)Printer setup.We are recommend selecting”Photo Quality Inkjet Paper”mode for the best printing results.
2)Print the wanted image onto the transferred paper.Then leave it out to dry for about 10 minutes.
3)Cut out hte image,leaving a narrow margin of 5mm arond the pattern edage.

2. Transferring:
1)Preheat the heat press machine,and set the recommended transfer temperature to 185 degree centigrade.
2)Place the image-printed paper on the textile with the image facing down.
3)Press down for 15-30 seconds under certain pressure,then remove the textile from machine.
4)Peel off the paper base immediately,or when it is warmed or cooled for your best results.


3. Washing Instructions:
1) It’s best not to wash the textile in 24 hours after the transfer.
2) Wash the textile in either cool or 30-40 degree centigrade water,with the transfered pattern inside out.
3) Do not wash with strongly alkaline detergents,and don’t bleach.Advoid rubbing the transfered pattern when hand washing.
4) Do not wring.Line dry in shade recommended.

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