Excellent quality glossy inkjet paper&A4 inkjet photo paper

What is Glossy Inkjet Paper?

Glossy inkjet paper coated with bright surface.

Different glossy inkjet paper is suitable for different uses. This is because each gloss paper is made with different paint formulations, depending on the intended use of the paper. Paint can be:

  • Porous to absorb ink into the paper
  • Nonporous, formed by coating the resin on the surface of the paper
  • Specially designed for laser printers to make plastic particles in the toner melt with paper and bind to paper

When you choose glossy inkjet paper, make sure you choose a variety for your purpose. Please continue to read our tips on choosing the right glossy paper.

Professional inkjet paper of A4 size range is designed for photographers who need high quality effects. In order to obtain high performance paper, please see our “paper spectrum value” range. The high resolution inkjet coating on these paper allows you to obtain professional standard photos by printing on an inkjet printer. Professional photographers use these papers commercially, while domestic users can benefit from these high quality products at home. A4¬†inkjet¬†photo paper comes from top producers in Europe and Japan to achieve consistent high quality performance.

The uncoated 90gsm printing medium can be printed on both sides and made up of 100% recycled paper. EPSON bright white inkjet paper allows users to print clear text and excellent color graphics, so it is very suitable for making reports, memos, communications and even homework. EPSON has earned a good reputation for its first class printers, which offer excellent quality inkjet photo paper, reliability and value for money combinations.

However, unless these products are supplemented by EPSON supplies, users can not expect to make full use of their investment. EPSON understands that printing is a process in which printers, ink and paper work together to provide the ultimate quality output. With this in mind, each of EPSON’s consumables has innovative design, meticulous development, accurate manufacturing and strict quality control, to ensure that EPSON hardware continues to provide the best performance in the long, trouble free work life.


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