Epson professional glossy inkjet photo paper

Advanced inkjet photo paper has a high gloss finish and is perfect for printing your favorite photos and magnification with glass frames and photo albums. This inkjet paper is coated with smooth, bright white resin coated paper coating and waterproof material.High gloss, bright white, resin coated paper.Print high quality photos of glass frames and albumsSmudge and water-resistant, quick-drying surfaces.The look and feel of traditional photos.The size of the professional broadsheet is also provided.

The 24 “x 100” Epson professional glossy inkjet photo paper is 260 g / 250 square meters, is the 10 mil thickness, high gloss inkjet paper can be used to print photos for the glass frame and photo album. Anti-fouling, waterproof, and with smooth resin coating base.

  • High color field produces vivid color reproduction.
  • Resin coated paper base.
  • Enhanced 2880 dpi printing.
  • Use epson ink to dry immediately, easy to handle.
  • Compatible dyes, EPSON files and UltraChrome ink.
  • The thickness of the ear provides a lasting photographic sensation.

Photo inkjet glossy paper provides smooth and bright effects for daily photos, and has real photo printing effect. Ideal for creating brilliant photo quality color and life image. Print your own digital photos, reprint, contact lists and expand. 4 “x 6” has a slightly perforated edge, allowing sufficient bleeding to be seen. Formerly known as smooth inkjet photo paper.Heavy weight, bright white paper with glossy photos.Perfect reprint and daily photos.Real photo image vivid, high quality color.Ensure that all inkjet printers are used.

Glossy photo inkjet paper provides a smooth and smooth surface for daily photos, with real photo printing effects. Very suitable for creating excellent quality of photos and realistic images. Print your own digital photos, reprints, contact lists and amplifiers. Heavy weight, bright white paper and glossy photo finish. Real photo image, vivid, high quality color. Guarantee to use all inkjet printers.

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