Classification of inkjet paper

Inkjet printing paper can be divided into three types according to the different coating methods and coating materials, such as swelling type paper, cast coated waterproof paper and gap type paper.

1.Bentonite photopaper (Swellable Paper) with polyvinyl alcohol (PVA) as main film-forming material, which is coated on the base paper on the formation of bentonite type coating, when the ink droplets on the surface of the coating, the polymer absorbs moisture expansion, because the expansion rate of polymer Co., bentonite type paper although color original is good, but the dry slow speed. Especially in the new six color piezoelectric On the printer, there is a serious accumulation of the image of the disease, a serious decline in sharpness. Bentonite photopaper although the production cost is low, but the ink absorption performance is poor, slow drying, and not waterproof, print after mulching treatment, not only the latter process, high cost, and feel very far away from the traditional photo, only as a low-end products use.

2.The coated waterproof paper(Cast Coating Photo Paper)is coated with micron grade silicon dioxide, which can reach the level of traditional paper by special process. Cast coating photopaper although waterproof coating, but because the base paper is paper, waterproof performance is poor, high saturation in print images, the paper will be a certain degree of deformation; at the same time, coating delicate enough, can not meet the requirements of ultra high precision printing.

3.Gap type paper, also known as microporous paper, coated by inorganic nano materials (particle diameter below 200 nm), the formation of organic-inorganic composite particles of very small (Inorganic-organic hybrid fine particle), ink printing up, immediately by the similar microporous nests (Micro-porous) absorption, due to the microporous structure this special coating, which absorbs ink well, for printing deep tone, can also show good sense; drying quickly, out of the printer, you can directly touch; the coating material is very delicate, not only high brightness, high precision, and can print photos. The base paper is the gap type paper, like the traditional paper RC paper (paper laminating waterproof coating on both sides of PE RESIN COATING), also called RC photo paper, has a good waterproof performance, even in the water to soak for several hours, can stay the same.

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