Choosing the best inkjet paper for inkjet printer

A smooth heavyweight 220gsm, Matte coated inkjet photo paper medium with high whiteness and multi coated paper for amazing high quality printing. The use of pigment ultraviolet, dye, latex ink, dry fast, waterproof, antifouling, no wrinkle.The 17 inch, 24 – inch, 36 – inch, 42 – and 30 – Inch rolls can be rolled into a 2 inch core. Second days English express.

As you can see, there are many factors to consider when choosing an inkjet paper that is suitable for printing photos. But take the time to do the work in order, and you will soon get to several feasible options. It is also worth remembering that many papermakers offer sample bags. These are often very good values and allow you to try all kinds of documents. Although it is necessary to use a related printer configuration file, a meaningful print comparison will be impossible.

Different types of paper are suitable for different types of printers. The key difference is between the copy paper or the laser paper and the inkjet paper. Photocopying and laser paper need to run smoothly on the machine and have good dimensional stability (that is, uniform thickness, not warping). For inkjet printers, the whole paper requires uniform porosity for high quality prints, so that the ink will not be too dispersed. In most cases, different types of paper work on different printers. However, the quality of printing may be affected. In order to obtain the best effect, use the inkjet paper for inkjet printer,speed papaer for large batch printing.

Our super smooth inkjet paper rolls have been developed for wide width printing. We have frosted, satin and smooth RC coatings on inkjet photo paper. These coatings can use 17 “24”, 36 “or 42” wide coil and A4, A3 inkjet paper. Each photo is 30 meters long and is rich in reserve for second day delivery or 2-3 day international. Bright white, high-quality microporous photo paper provides an excellent gamut range and instant dry coating. The best inkjet paper is very durable and works closely with the trustworthy coating plants to get the best effect, bright colors and smooth surfaces.


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