Choosing a inkjet photo paper for inkjet printer

Designed for any inkjet printers including HP, Canon, epson, lexmark, kodak, etc., including dyes and pigment base inks. Professional inkjet photo paper originally designed for professional photo developers. The high resolution inkjet coating on the paper can be used to print professional standard photos by printing on inkjet printers.

Professional photographers use these documents commercially, and domestic users can obtain these high-quality products at home. The photographic paper in this range is European or Japanese. These provide consistent and consistent supply throughout the year. The range of weight ranges from 180gb to 280g for all applications and budgets.

Art inkjet paper is traditionally made of cotton fibers with neutral pH values, which means they are free of acid and are therefore files. As cotton, they have a better sense of touch than traditional glossy and semi-gloss inkjet photo paper, usually resin base and/or coating.

Paper size: is the first choice to make when choosing a inkjet photo paper for your inkjet printer. Think about the picture you want. It’s always good to have a standard 4-inch x 6 inch or 5-inch x 7 inch paper. This is a great size for albums and scrapbooks. For larger displays, such as wall frames, calendars, and posters, you can select 8 1/2 inches by 11 inches, 13 inches by 19 inches or 11 inches by 17 inches of paper.

Professional inkjet photo paper, glossy finish has been updated, to take advantage of the latest generation of wide printer more wide color gamut and improve the technology of ink, so as to realize smooth close curly smoothing, Canon, epson and hewlett-packard (HP). The next generation of paper has a greater color gamut and higher on3dmax, to ensure that the color of the camera to capture more accurately reproduce, at the same time in the shaded area generated deeper, more rich black, extend the dynamic range of and additional details.

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