Cheap pirce inkjet photo paper with high quality

Support high resolution up to 5760dpi. High definition, small text clearly visible.Use high-quality coating and base paper. Smooth coating, high brightness, flat papers and easily paper walking.High-density, wide color gamut, excellent color and detail representation The printing effect can be comparable to traditional silver halide photograph.Excellent water resistance. The ink will not drop or dissolve if being soaked in water for dozens of hours.Instant dry. The ink must not penetrate into the back of the paper.Fully compatible with all inkjet printers like EPSON, HP, CANON, LEXMARK, DELL.Suitable for original ink and compatible with dye Ink.

We offers Inkjet printable magnetic Sheets for desktop inkjet printers. They are thin, flexible, printable white magnet sheets with white on one side, magnetic on the other. The inkjet side uses the highest quality inkjet receptive paper laminate for superior ink coverage. Gloss and Matt finishes available. Easy to use…Stamp it, score it or punch it. The magnet can be cut with a knife or scissors to any desired shape, and you can create your own personalized magnets in any color, combination of colors…Even exciting full color. Our magnetic sheet is safe for most inkjet printers

1. Our inkjet photo paper magnetic sheets and magnetic inkjet paper work well for a wide variety of applications such as POP displays, message boards, teaching aids, scheduling boards, presentation graphics, picture frames, fridge magnets and temporary signage.
2. All 21.6 × 28cm (8.5 × 11 inch) formats in packages of 10, 25 or 50 sheets! These are thin, flexible, printable white magnet sheets. These magnet sheets are available in both Matte finish (~14 mil in total thickness) and Glossy finish (~16 mil in total thickness). Do not try to print on inkjet photo paper sheets with a laser printer or copier, ONLY use inkjet printer! Not suitable for outdoor use.

Suitable for solvent / UV/ Latex printing.Perfect ink absorption, excellent color expression, high resolution and fast dry. Waterproof, can be used for both outdoor and indoor advertising.Both glossy and matte surface are available.Easy cutting and application on a wide variety of substrates.Cheap price, exceptional photo quality in an economical inkjet photo paper.

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