Why is inkjet paper different from other photo papers

Why is inkjet paper different from other photo papers? Wholesale inkjet photo paper includes a wide variety of fibrous (and non-fibrous) surfaces compared to traditional photographic paper, or silver base paper. What makes any given paper, especially the inkjet paper, is a coating that is found on the surface, unlike the photographic paper, which is […]

Look for cheap inkjet paper on the Internet

Wholesale inkjet paper is especially different because it is made from a high-quality chemical process. The goal of this process is to produce a paper with an appropriate absorption rate to absorb ink while preventing its lateral movement. That’s why ink jet paper is heavier, brighter and smoother than copy paper. Photo paper produces a […]

Wholesale inkjet paper&inkjet photo paper on the market

A lot of wholesale inkjet paper is used to make waterproof documents. We have prepared the following chart to help you decide what is right for you. Remember, the performance of the document depends on four things: 1) the type of paper; 2) the printing process (including ink and toner); 3) your writing tool; and […]