Epson professional glossy inkjet photo paper

Advanced inkjet photo paper has a high gloss finish and is perfect for printing your favorite photos and magnification with glass frames and photo albums. This inkjet paper is coated with smooth, bright white resin coated paper coating and waterproof material.High gloss, bright white, resin coated paper.Print high quality photos of glass frames and albumsSmudge […]

Excellent quality glossy inkjet paper&A4 inkjet photo paper

What is Glossy Inkjet Paper? Glossy inkjet paper coated with bright surface. Different glossy inkjet paper is suitable for different uses. This is because each gloss paper is made with different paint formulations, depending on the intended use of the paper. Paint can be: Porous to absorb ink into the paper Nonporous, formed by coating […]

130gsm inkjet double-sided glossy photo paper

Name: inkjet RC photo paper Product specification: 1.100% ultra white. Super vivid colors. High contrast 2. is not suitable for spraying large amounts of ink (less than 500% inkjet). Because small inkjet can reach or even exceed the effect of ordinary inkjet paper media. It has a high contrast and gloss color. 3., for indoor […]