Catagory of all inkjet papers

  • Whether you are looking for glossy paper, metallic gloss, white glossy film, professional gloss, glossy canvas, rolls or paper, we already have all of this!
    Enjoy our choice of inkjet glossy photo paper products and you will enjoy the results of your photos. Look around for the right inkjet glossy paper for your photos.
  • Select our complete inkjet glossy paper, adhesive gloss, double sided gloss, various sizes of paper and volumes that can last several generations of print quality prints, and you will enjoy the results of your pictures. Look around for the right inkjet glossy paper for your photos.
  • Enjoy our choice of matte matte inkjet photo paper, linen, heavy matte, matte canvas, paper and rolls of all sizes, providing sustainable generations of photo quality printing. Look around for the right inkjet paper for your photos.
  • Select photo paper from our complete inkjet art paper, inkjet photo paper, inkjet film and ink jet vinyl in all sizes selected to obtain quality and specialty prints.
  • From our complete inkjet art paper, inkjet photo paper, inkjet film and inkjet vinyl, select photo paper for all sizes of quality and special print.

Some inkjet paper is made from high quality deinked pulp or chemical pulp. High quality inkjet paper requires good dimensional stability, no crimp or wrinkling, and has a good surface strength. In most cases, surface smoothness is required. Adequate and even pores are required to counteract ink diffusion. For low quality printing, uncoated copy paper is sufficient, but higher grades need to be coated. Traditional coatings are not widely used in inkjet paper. For matt inkjet paper, silica is often used as a pigment in conjunction with polyvinyl alcohol. Glossy inkjet paper can be made from tape coating on a laminated or resin coated or laminated paper.

A variety of art inkjet paper to meet the needs of professional photographers and artists. These papers share many of the features of traditional watercolors, prints and photographic papers. Art ink jet paper is designed to conform to the standard of longevity of traditional art paper: they should be neutral pH, without lignin, not including fluorescent brighteners. Art inkjet paper is different from traditional art paper, which includes coatings designed to receive and retain ink. Art paper is usually made from rag paper (100% cotton is the most common), but can also have alpha cellulose matrix. Some descriptions and comparisons of art inkjet paper are here, here, here and here. Some exquisite art paper is made of molds, while others are made mechanically and may vary greatly on the surface texture. Many art paper can be used as paper or web paper.

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