Best inkjet paper for photos

Select photo paper from our complete inkjet art paper, inkjet photo paper, inkjet film and inkjet vinyl to select various sizes to obtain quality and specialty prints.

Inkjet glossy photo paper is ideal for EPSON ink and all 6-10 color printers. It has excellent tonal range, bright white, and excellent bleeding control, which helps to prefetch strips. A new ultra absorbent coating of inkjet gloss enables pigment inks to be dried immediately, thus preventing agitation and black (shadows) projecting or laying on the surface.The selection of paper and volume of all sizes from our select single bset inkjet photo paper glossy print, can provide a sustainable number generation photo quality photos.

Metallic luster is the achievement of inkjet photo paper. The metallic glossy paper allows you to print vibrant and stunning prints that can only be achieved in darkroom. This 255 GSM, 10 mil ink jet paper has a high gloss metallic surface, producing a sharp, vibrant and exceptionally rich appearance. The metal paper offers the perfect way to make portraits, commercial display, print and competition print out. Inkpress metallic glossy paper instantly dry and scratch resistant surfaces makes it possible to use it daily in busy studios. Metal paper is compatible with EPSON, Canon, HP and other major brand printers.

Metal Satin printing bset inkjet photo paper is a unique paper that produces a rich metallic pearlescent surface. It is characterized by instant drying of the base, both water and scratch resistant. Whether you use the dye, Ultrachrome, Durabrite or HDR ink to print, this article will produce bright colors, with a deep black density, showing excellent sharpness. Inkpress metal Satin paper is suitable for art, business or daily studio work.

Photo chrome RC glossy multi 280 paper is two-sided lightweight 10 mil microporous paper. Because of its coating on both sides (providing seal effect), it will last longer than any other RC inkjet photo paper on the market. This article applies to portfolio or any high-end art or photography works.

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