Application of color inkjet paper

Color inkjet printing paper is very different from ordinary paper, this is because the color inkjet printing usually use water-based ink, rapid absorption and diffusion and general paper received water-based ink, results from both color or from the definition are not up to the requirements of printing (use and can not absorb ink water absorption difference materials); color inkjet paper is paper products deep processing, it is the ordinary printing paper surface through special coating, which can absorb water ink and make the ink droplets spread to the surrounding, so as to maintain the original color and clarity.

Color inkjet printing paper is to accept ink jet nozzle nozzle ink body, on which the image or text, the basic characteristics of it is the ink absorption speed, ink droplets do not spread, specific requirements:
1.Has the good record, the ink absorption force, the ink absorption speed, the ink drop diameter is small, the shape approximately circular;
2.The recording speed is high, the density is high, the order is continuous, the picture is clear;
3.Good preservation, the picture has a certain degree of water resistance, light resistance, indoor or outdoor, there is a certain degree of preservation and fastness;
4.The coating has a certain fastness and strength, the coating is not easy to scratch, no static electricity, there is a certain degree of smoothness, bending resistance, folding resistance.

Application of color inkjet paper
Color inkjet technology since the early 1990s China entered the market, after 10 years of rapid development, has been in the advertising production, office automation, wedding photography, CAD (computer portrait) benefit map and GIS (Geographic Information System), is widely used in remote mapping, printing and other fields.

Applied to the advertising industry. In the past, most of the large-scale advertising paintings were produced by printing or artificial painting. In recent years, indoor and outdoor advertising posters are basically the use of inkjet printing technology. According to the data, the advertising business amounted to 157 billion 300 million yuan, 15 billion 670 million yuan more than the previous year, the growth rate of 11.1%, provides a good foundation for the development of the huge advertising market for the development of inkjet printing paper technology and printing medium.

The application of the geographic information system. Color inkjet printing paper technology has been successfully used to print all kinds of maps and other variety of charts, such as demographic distribution, weather map, vegetation distribution map, mineral data and real estate design and sales network, is also used in the land survey map and information highway (port) in the design, and the amount in the military map also great.

Image printing for multimedia and digital photography. With the development of multimedia technology, image transmission is more and more, and with the development of technology and science and technology of color inkjet paper image, color inkjet printing system to print out the image quality has been close and reached out with silver halide photographic paper expanding photo quality. Inkjet printing technology can greatly reduce costs and processing time.

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