Matt, semi gloss and glossy inkjet photo paper from China

Inkjet paper is obviously different because it is made by high quality chemical manufacturing process. The goal of this process is to produce an absorbent paper that accepts ink and prevents it from wicking laterally. That’s why ink jet paper is heavier, smoother and smoother than copy paper. In general, your own matte inkjet paper […]

Excellent quality glossy inkjet paper&A4 inkjet photo paper

What is Glossy Inkjet Paper? Glossy inkjet paper coated with bright surface. Different glossy inkjet paper is suitable for different uses. This is because each gloss paper is made with different paint formulations, depending on the intended use of the paper. Paint can be: Porous to absorb ink into the paper Nonporous, formed by coating […]

The best 32 lb of inkjet photo paper

Use these copies and multi-functional paper products to stock your wardrobe, and each paper product is designed to provide high-quality printing in a professional environment. Many of the paper comes with environmental ingredients to ensure safe use and easy recycling. With Domtar, HP, Hammermill and xerox paper products, you can find the best choice for […]