Choosing a inkjet photo paper for inkjet printer

Designed for any inkjet printers including HP, Canon, epson, lexmark, kodak, etc., including dyes and pigment base inks. Professional inkjet photo paper originally designed for professional photo developers. The high resolution inkjet coating on the paper can be used to print professional standard photos by printing on inkjet printers. Professional photographers use these documents commercially, […]

120gsm to 210gsm of Matt inkjet photo paper

Matt inkjet photo paper is a popular choice when you need a print result without glare or gloss. Lack of glare can make print more artistic, especially black and white and brown Settings, with the additional benefits of cheaper, compared with alternative gloss and satin, can get cheaper price. Matt is also the business user’s […]

Why is inkjet paper different from other photo papers

Why is inkjet paper different from other photo papers? Wholesale inkjet photo paper includes a wide variety of fibrous (and non-fibrous) surfaces compared to traditional photographic paper, or silver base paper. What makes any given paper, especially the inkjet paper, is a coating that is found on the surface, unlike the photographic paper, which is […]