120gsm to 210gsm of Matt inkjet photo paper

Matt inkjet photo paper is a popular choice when you need a print result without glare or gloss. Lack of glare can make print more artistic, especially black and white and brown Settings, with the additional benefits of cheaper, compared with alternative gloss and satin, can get cheaper price. Matt is also the business user’s first choice when it comes to printing presentations, charts, and charts. It is for this reason that you will encounter light of light of 120gsm to 210gsm of inkjet photo paper, and in the case of real photo paper, up to 300gsm high weight.


  • Applicable to all kinds of dyes and pigment inkjet printer papers.
  • Support for 1,440,2,880,4,800 and 5,760 DPI, other high-precision printing.
  • Suitable for printing all kinds of high – grade design images, achieve professional quality photo quality output.
  • Use the correct selection when printing the surface.
  • Use not to fold or damage the surface.
  • To ensure print quality, the paper is invited back into the bag and sealed the remaining storage.
  • Avoid heat, humidity and direct sunlight.
  • To meet your print requirements, select the best test print configuration pattern.
  • Adjust the color preference to print according to the instructions of various brand printers.
  • Avoid leaving fingerprints on paper or hand sweat.
  • Do not use a highlighter on the printing surface. Do not use wet hand contact to avoid discoloration or discoloration.

Epson Photo Matte inkjet Paper is a 12-inch, matte paper that works only for scrapbooks. This acid free paper will keep your photos and pages safe, while clear print quality and real color printing help ensure that your page looks exactly the way you designed it. The thickness of each piece is 12 mm and the packing has 10 pieces. Prices start at less than $15.

High gloss, high resolution, fine print screen, rich color, video output natural and professional level.Better anti-scrape, waterproof, and provide the perfect protection image.It is especially suitable for laminating process.

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