Wholesale the best quality glossy inkjet photo paper

Inkjet photo paper is ideal for printing quality photos on your home inkjet printer. The magnification of your favorite images will be like the traditional ones. Micro – hole design produces unprecedented image persistence and is fast drying. This inkjet media’s pearl finish prevents glare and does not show fingerprint marks. The best inkjet photo paper […]

Kodak professional cheap inkjet photo paper on the market

Inkjet paper is the most complex and complex of all digital photographic paper. These inkjet photo papers are optimized for the use of inkjet printers, which use liquid ink, according to the data in a drop of paper on the image file. Although this process applies to all inkjet printers, there are two types of […]

Wholesale Canon glossy/matte inkjet photo paper

Canon inkjet photo paper plus gloss 2 is perfect photo paper, with a high quality output gloss. It provides a perfect end to digital photos and all reprints.Glossy inkjet photo paper used to print the quality of daily photos and photo LABS. “Daily use” photo paper provides an economical way to produce your holiday photos and glossy finish […]